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We're loyal friends and we've done a lot of work together over the years, and my sound has a lot to do with Ashton's ability to lay down amazing guitar riffs/additional vocals when needed. We've done remixes together and original songs, he's a talented guy. Tep No - The Last Ones Standing currently has 2 million streams on spotify and 5000 downloads, and Ashton recorded all the guitars on it + background vocals) (we negotiated so he'd get a percentage of the sales/streams/licensing). The song was licensed for a big Michael Kors web commercial and has had support from legendary DJ Pete Tong at BBC1, as well as rising dance artist Robin Schulz. I've written a few tracks based on Ashton's guitar playing, and on top of that, he's helped me by adding guitars on a Nora En Pure remix as well as a Sirena remix. Ashton is constantly helping out and has found his way in the indie dance scene, I have a feeling he never imagined getting into this niche scene. Also, I'm not sure people realize, but he's been part of a few dance releases on Canadian radio, songs that made it on big compilations. He's a serious talent.

Tep No (Ultra Records))

Being involved with Kataklysm since its inception in 1991 I have seen many faces in the industry on a worldwide level and I can truly say that one of the most influential experiences came from when I worked with writer/producer Ashton Price. Myself and guitarist J-f Dagenais learned a lot from him and we applied that knowledge to the recent Kataklysm albums which consequently have become the bands most important releases and top sellers making the band Canadian Music Week Awards winners and MTV2 Heabangers Ball favorites!

Maurizio Iacono - Kataklysm (Nuclear Blast/Warner/Juno Award winners 2016)

I had a great experience at Morph Productions. The producer and musicians were extremely talented and achieved what I was looking for with professionalism. I'm looking forward to working on my next album here

Lisa Swain - Juno Nominated Singer/Songwriter

Morph Production is truly one of my greatest experience as a musician, creating has never been easier. Ashton knows how to get the best out of his artist and has aid myself, my band and other projects I am involve with on the top 40 charts in Canada and US.

Patrick Phillips - Opine Entertainment/Ozgoode/AKA V

Ashton Price is a well kept secret that is about to be released .... he has great creativity and brings out the hook in every song ... he has an honest, objective opinion that can always be relied upon to get a song at its best ... knowledgable & full of natural talent, he has a unique ability to make you sound at your best.

Ripped (Sextant/EMI)