Without the proper song and arrangement, a recording is always going to fall flat with the listener. No amazing snare drum sound or production will be able to save it. One of the advantages of coming to me for your recording project is being able to take advantage of my songwriting and arranging knowledge before the record button is ever pressed.

I've had a lot of success as a songwriter, and I'm happy to share my knowledge to help my clients achieve their goals. At one point in my career I was signed to Sony as a writer which gave me a lot of insight into the way the music industry works and what makes a song successful. After the completion of that contract, I used that knowledge to write songs that have been licensed to numerous TV shows such as "Degrassi: The Next Generation", and video games such as XBOX 360 game "Flat Out: Ultimate Carnage".

The idea is to try and make the song as marketable as possible, while not drifting too far from the artist's original vision. I'm available for co-writing with artists, and I can also provide music for singers who've written songs and don't play an instrument.

Here is my current songwriting reel: