One of my first loves in the music business is music production. From the time I started recording and layering different guitar parts when I was 16, I was hooked.

The role of music producer can change between different projects. Some clients have a very clear vision and just need a sounding board for their own ideas. For other projects I'm asked to take on the vision entirely. I love all of it and I'm always looking for great musical artists to work with.

At the end of the day, a music producer's job is to deliver a product that will take the artist where they want to go career-wise, with a sound that they love. In my 20 years I have been able to provide those two elements consistently.

For those interested in creating the perfect production without any worry about time/financial restraints I'm now offering an "all in" package that includes working in the studio, my production and instrumental services (other musicians would be extra) with a mix and master.

Please check out my demos here. If you like what you hear, contact me and we can discuss working together.