Whether you're a pro producer that needs a fresh ear for a project or an artist recording themselves at home, I'm available to help take your productions to the next level with a great mix.

Productions can be mixed as they come or if desired, I can offer my input on anything that I hear that can make the project sound better. In my experience when someone comes to me for a mix because they're unhappy with their projects sound, it's rare that it is just the mix that needs to be fixed. A lot of times there are issues with arrangements (ie too many instruments in one frequency range) or performance (vocals not edited properly or instruments out of time) that need to be fixed before the mix is started. Let me be a set of fresh ears for your project and hear your project come to life. In most cases I have no problems doing spec mixes so you can hear what I can do for you without any financial obligation if it doesn't work out.

Feel free to email today to find out more info.

I am able to accept almost any format, however, an additional charge may apply to Digital/Analogue Tape machine transfers.

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