It's hard for an urban artist's message to be heard without the right beat underneath it. I make my beats without samples and I sell them exclusively to one person. While leased beats have a place in the business, I feel that artists that use them aren't taking their career seriously. If you are an artist that's serious about your career and want to create something special that you have the rights to use anywhere, please contact me and lets discuss ways to make that work. Below are some beats that I've made that are currently available.


Beats can be done by scheduling an appointment or if you live outside the GTA it can be done through the internet. Give me some samples of what you like the sound of and I'll work on something and let you approve it via mp3's sent through the net. You can work on finishing the song here or I can give you the files in Logic Pro or Pro Tools format on CD or through FTP.

When buying a beat at Morph you get exclusive rights to it, meaning we will not sell it for someone else to use.


Click play below to hear samples of some of the beats available for sale. To hear more or request a custom beat, email me.